Our services and expertise

We participate on every phase in electrical drive’s life cycle.

1. Design

Electrical design
We help the design engineer’s work by setting up tools for electromagnetic design, calculation, and dimensioning.
We prepare electromagnetic design for the machine, or we check and verify the existing design.
We carry out detailed FEM calculations for the motor to scrutinize the electromagnetic design.
Material selection
We design the winding of the machine including recommendations for suitable materials.

2. Engineering

We dimension motors or generators, frequency converters and transformers to fit perfectly for the application.
Writing specifications
Years of experience in oil and gas industry have taught us that careful specification can significantly reduce the costs of the motors and drives.
We write a specification which contains the key properties and main requirements of the motor including the tests carried out during manufacturing.
We write commissioning and service plans for the motors and drives.
We make sure that the application-specific requirements and industrial standards are taken care of.

3. Manufacturing

Quality assurance
We prepare a list of tests carried out during manufacturing of an electrical machine as part of the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).
We witness the tests and other quality check points during manufacturing, and we organize the related documentation.
Should failures or quality issues arise, we prepare a root cause analysis with recommendations on how to improve quality.
Manufacturing instructions
We write instructions on how to assemble the stator winding, how to impregnate it, and how to test it.
Commissioning instructions
We specify the tests for commissioning, and help in executing them.

4. Operation

Motor analysis
 • If the motor does not seem to work as it should, we prepare a Motor analysis. We investigate whether the motor operates as it should, whether it is connected correctly, whether it runs at the correct power level, and whether the cooling is sufficient. We also inspect whether the motor insulation is in acceptable condition, or whether it requires service.
Reverse engineering
If there is a motor, a transformer, or a frequency converter operating without any valid documents, we do reverse engineering and generate the missing documentation.
We prepare a list of main technical properties of the component, find out its rated values, and write the specification.
Calculation on motors and generators planned to be re-wound
We provide a new rating plate for re-wound machines.
We investigate how much the motor or generator output power can be increased by re-winding with modern materials.